The Gang

The Gang (again)

View from Horseshoe


View from Base Camp

Panoramic, eh?

Mountains in the distance

James falls over

James faces Horseshoe

Where we've just been



Village Homes

View from the Quad Express

Top of the Quad

More views

Sun on Stringer


Dan's Jumping Platform

Mountains and Trees

Final Stringer shot


Moose trail

Trees on Moose Trail

Getting Snowy

River Toby

River Toby

Sunny and James on the Toby Bridge

Riverbend Houses


Apres Ski / Board

Oh Dear

Knackered (again)

Mountain Moon

James and the Moon

Sunny near the Summit

Top of the Champagne Express

Cath near the Summit

More Mountains

Even more mountains

More Mountains

Cath sets off

More Mountains

Sunny getting nervous

Sunny relaxed

Where we were

Sunny's Big Hands

James where he was

View from the road

View from the road pt2

Sunny's picnic area

River Toby

The Bridge

River Toby

Glowing Moose


The action gang

Cath and Duvet

Loving Couple

Get off my beer!

Adventures in the Hot Tub

More adventures in the Hot Tub

Bathing Beauty

Not so Bathing Beauty

Chief Photographer

View from the Hot Tub


Whats going on?

Cath and book

Tomorrow's Plan of Action is...

Choppers Landing Restaurant

Choppers Landing Restaurant

The Locals

Choppers Landing Restaurant

The picture in the toilets at Choppers Landing Restaurant

Eerie Moon Shot

James near the Summit

We were nearly there!

Stunning Views

Stunning Views

The village (in the distance)

James on the lift

Canadian Way

Black Run

Dan takes a breather

Mountain view

Happy Sunny

Nervous Sunny


The Sledging Course

Time and temperature before departure

The Village Gondola

View from the Village Gondola

Our House


Calgary International Airport